PPG Sigma AquaCover


Tighter controls on the release of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air, as well as the demand for safer products and working conditions in the paint and coatings application industries, is resulting in a shift away from low-solids coatings with high-solvent content. Motivated by increasing cost, environmental concerns, and stricter regulations there is a gradual change in favor of high-solids, and solvent-free and waterborne coatings.
The PPG SIGMA AQUACOVE is a range of lead- and chromate-free waterborne epoxy coatings is specifically formulated to meet these demands. The range offers a viable solution to meeting VOC limits whilst providing reliable anticorrosive protection and good cosmetics in both coastal and industrial atmospheric service.

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  1. PPG Aquacover One 625
    PPG Aquacover One 625

    A one component, waterborne acrylic zinc phosphate primer for use within a PPG system.

    From £374.40 £312.00
  2. PPG Sigma AquaCover 400
    PPG Sigma AquaCover 400

    Sigma AquaCover 400 two component polyamine cured water borne epoxy coating for steel and concrete.

    From £146.71 £122.26
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