Selemix 2 Pack Acrylic Topcoats

Selemix Acrylic 2 Pack Topcoats are formulated with acrylic enamel for a very high gloss finish in solid colours and direct gloss metallic colours, excellent colour fastness and good resistance to atmospheric attack. PPG have formulated their Selemix 7-120 to be a very high solids version that is also VOC Compliant. Selemix 7-110 is regularly used for spraying cars and commercial vehicles where the benefits of easy application along with a high gloss finish and good levels of colourfastness as well as being fast drying make it an obvious choice.

Selemix 7-110 is touch dry is as little as 30-40mins at 20° C. This offers saving to not only material costs, but labour and downtime also. Selemix acrylic coatings are available in a high gloss finish and can be tinted to most RAL, BS4800 & NCS colour codes. Commercial vehicle and car spraying is not the only application for this economical coating many light industrial contractors use this products on commercial buildings where a high gloss, durable and corrosion resistant finish is required.

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  1. Selemix 7-110 2 Pack Acrylic Topcoat
    Selemix 7-110 2 Pack Acrylic Topcoat

    A very high gloss, excellent colour fast and resistance to atmospheric attack product.

    From £111.30 £92.75
  2. Selemix 7-120 2 Pack Acrylic UHS Topcoat
    Selemix 7-120 2 Pack Acrylic UHS Topcoat

    Provide a very high gloss finish and excellent protection for steel in highly aggressive environments, up to C5M-low rated.

    From £150.91 £125.76
  3. Selemix Direct Pro 7-15x
    Selemix Direct Pro 7-15x

    Acrylic PU finish that can be applied directly to a variety of substrates without the need for a primer.

    From £164.88 £137.40
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