Mapei Mapecrete Creme Protection

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Protects the surface of concrete floors or walls against capillary penetration of water.
Available in 25 Kg
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Product Description

Mapei Mapecrete Creme Protection has been developed as a solvent-free, water soluble silane-based, thixotropic impregnating cream, ideal for hydrophobic treatment of concrete.

Best Uses

Mapecrete Creme Protection will protect the surface of concrete floors or walls against capillary penetration of water, the ingress of chlorides or other pollutants and continuous exposure of surfaces during freeze/thaw cycles.

Mapecrete Creme Protection is particularly recommended for horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces exposed to atmospheric agents, on concrete structures and infrastructures such as bridges, roads, floor joists, concrete buildings in general and concrete floors.

The special formulation of Mapei Mapecrete Creme Protection makes it suitable for application on both porous and well-compacted concrete. Mapecrete Creme Protection has been formulated to protect surfaces against the ingress of chlorides, one of the primary causes of the deterioration of reinforcement steel in concrete.

Mapecrete Creme Protection is suitable for marine environments due to the high capillary-penetration capacity and high concentration of silane contained in the impregnator allowing the product to form an excellent chemical bond with the treated concrete. This will guarantee a complete, long-lasting hydrophobic treatment.