RODO ProDec Scraper Paint Strip Knife RPS3, 3 Inch

SKU id1390 Non Hazardous
Suitable for stripping wallpaper and removing paint.
Available with a 3 inch wide blade
£4.55 (£5.46 Inc VAT)

Product Description

RODO Prodec Scraper Paint Strip Knife RPS3 provides extra comfort when stripping wallpaper, preventing blisters and aches.

Best Uses

This Wooden Handle Strip Knife is particularly useful for the prevention of blisters and aches, whilst removing wallpaper.


The RODO Prodec Scraper Paint Strip Knife RPS3 should be held in one hand to scrape (prepared) wallpaper off walls. Tip: We recommend starting at the edges to ease the process.

Surface and Environment

RODO Prodec Scraper Paint Strip Knife RPS3 has been specifically designed for the removal of wallpaper, it can be used on internal or external surfaces. This product tends to work better when wallpaper have been dampened, to speed up the process of removal, with less amount of effort.

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