Tesa Professional 4440 Precision Mask Outdoor Masking Tape

Non Hazardous
An ideal masking tape solution for masking windows, masonry, gutters, cladding and more. professional external paint jobs.
Available in Rolls of 50m x 25mm
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Product Description

Tesa® 4440 Precision Mask® Outdoor is an ideal masking tape solution for professional external paint jobs. With a life of up to 26 weeks, this tape is a quality solution for masking windows, masonry, gutters, cladding and more.

Best Uses

Tesa® 4440 Precision Mask® Outdoor consists of an extra-thin and strong washi paper backing coated with an acrylic adhesive. With a life of up to 26 weeks, this tape is a quality solution for masking windows, masonry, gutters and more.

The combination of the highly equipped backing material and the outstanding special adhesive formulation allows easy removability up to 26 weeks after application outdoors. This enables multiple working processes in only one covering process.

Changing temperatures, sunlight, wind and moisture: Outdoor painting, varnishing and enamelling work makes stringent demands of the masking and protection solutions used. Thanks to special solutions from Tesa, messy painted edges due to peeling masking tapes and adhesive residues are now a thing of the past. Masking tapes which are to be used outdoors come under strain both from weather and sunlight (UV light). It is critical that they have a degree of resistance to both, based on the circumstances of use. During renovation work on facades, high-value surfaces such as window frames and exterior metal coverings are at particular risk. Our outdoor masking tape is specifically designed to face these challenges and provides dependable weather-resistant protection for problem areas during exterior work on buildings.

  • Professional paint jobs outdoors (up to 26 weeks)
  • Light plasterwork tasks
  • Ideal for sharp paint edges
  • Suitable for rough surfaces


The application of an adhesive tape on weathered surfaces may lead to residues during the de-masking. Before using an adhesive tape on a weathered surface we recommend making a trial application for up to 24 hours.

Technical Details


  • Hand Tearability: Very Good
  • Suitable for Sensitive Surfaces: Medium
  • Suitable for Rough Surfaces: Good
  • Paint Anchorage: Very Good
  • Sharp Colour Edge: Very Good
  • Smooth Colour Edge: Very Good
  • Conformability: Very Good


  • Ideal for both water based and solvent based paints
  • Backing Material: Flat Paper
  • Total Thickness: 110 µm for 4440, 100 µm for 4439
  • Type of adhesive acrylic
  • Adhesion to steel 1.8 N/cm
  • Elongation at break 5 %
  • Tensile strength 35 N/cm
  • UV Resistance: 26 weeks
  • Available in Rolls of 50m x 25mm
  • Available as single rolls, inner packs and boxes

The manufacturers data sheets are available for download from this website. It is your responsibility to read and understand all aspects of the data sheets before you place an order and prior to application. Please pay special attention to the preparation, mixing and application temperatures of the product, cleaning of substrate and environmental factors such as temperature, rain etc. Quoted coverage rates are based on the manufacturers theoretical rates and may vary depending upon substrates absorption, texture and application. We always recommend a test is carried out to ensure suitability.

Customer further agrees that Promain have no liability for any errors or omissions contained within the Product Data Sheets and are not liable for failure due to misapplication or inadequate substrate cleaning and preparation. For more information please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

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