*Rustoleum 6400WB Water Based Shop Primer

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Product Description

Please note this product is now discontinued. Please contact our Technical Team on 01462 421333 to discuss a suitable alternative.

Rust-Oleum 6400WB is an acrylic primer which contains anti-corrosive pigments and can be thinned with water.

Best Uses

Rust-Oleum 6400WB is a water dilutable acrylic primer with anti-corrosive pigments for the first anti-corrosion for construction, transportation and storage. Ideal for workshops and construction companies. It can be used on a wide variety of substrates like bare or blasted steel, galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium and steel protected by plastisol. Rustoleum 6400WB is primarily intended for brush application and can also be applied by roller and spray.

  • Up to 1 year corrosion protection outside
  • Ideal for construction, storage and transportation
  • Masks construction deficiencies
  • 12 m² per litre (at 35 micron)
  • Ideal for spray application


Remove grease, oil, alkali residues and all other deposits. Remove loose rust, rust-scale and deteriorated coatings by scraping and wire brushing. Remove zinc salts with Rustoleum Surfa Etch 108 Etching Solution. Rinse with clean water. Tight rust scale and mill scale are most effectively removed by abrasive blasting. The surface must be clean and dry during application. Degrease and sand intact coatings to roughen the surface slightly. To ensure homogeneity, coating materials should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.

Technical Details


  • First coat primer offering a basic protection coat
  • Lead and chromate free

Technical Info

Components: One Part
Type: Water Based
Finish: Matt
Stock Colours: Red Brown
Tintable: No
VOC Content: 14.0g per Litre
Volume Solids: 35%
Suitable Substrates: For bare or blasted steel, galvanised steel, zinc, aluminium and steel protected by Plastisol
Application Method: Brush, Roller, Air Atomised Spray or Airless Spray
Theoretical Coverage: 10 m2 per litre at 35 microns
Wet Film Thickness (WFT): 100 microns
Dry Film Thickness (DFT): 35 microns
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: -
Touch Dry: 30 minutes at 20°C
Overcoatable: After 1 hour at 20°C
Fully Cured: 3 days at 20°C
Cleaner / Thinner: Water
Shelf Life: 5 years from date of production in unopened cans, if stored in dry, well ventilated areas, not in direct sunlight at temperatures between 5° and 35°C. Keep from freezing
Packaging: Available in 5 Litres

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