Blackfriar Blackboard Paint, 2.5 Litres *CLEARANCE*

Blackfriar Blackboard Paint, 2.5 Litres *CLEARANCE*

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Blackfriar Blackboard Paint provides a matt black surface to allow for chalk writing and easy cleaning.
Currently we have 1no 2.5 Litres in Black in stock - call for updates!
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Product Description

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CLEARANCE - Currently we have 1no 2.5 Litres in Black in stock - call for updates!
Next Working Day Delivery to UK Mainland Addresses. Please note, if you require more stock please refer to ID4239 Blackfriar Blackboard Paint at the standard price. This listing is for only one tin.

Blackfriar Blackboard Paint is an interior paint, designed for use on blackboards found on walls and has been specially formulated to allow for easy writing and easy cleaning.

Best Uses

Blackfriar Blackboard Paint is best used in schools and offices to renovate old blackboards or for creating new blackboards. Blackfriar Blackboard Paint can also be used over magnetic primer to provide a surface that is magnetic and can be written on too.


Blackfriar Blackboard Paint can be applied using brush or roller for a finish that looks good and can be easily cleaned and maintained. Blackfriar Blackboard Paint has a theoretical coverage rate of 13m2 per litre per coat and 2 coats should ideally be applied for optimum performance.

Surface and Environment

Blackfriar Blackboard Paint is designed especially for use on blackboards and provides users with a cost effective way of rejuvenating a blackboards appearance without the need for replacement.