Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed

SKU id23538 Part A: UN1866 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: II), Part B: UN3106 (Class: 5.2), Part C: Non Hazardous
A hard wearing, impervious floor finish. Full return to service in 2 hours. Hygienic, easy clean and chemical resistant.
Available in 20 Kg
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£100.20 (£120.24 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed is a chemical resistant, hard wearing, impervious floor finish which is hygienic and easy to clean. Used in food and beverage production, hospitals, canteens and kitchens, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, etc.

Best Uses

Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed with its combination of attractive finish and excellent resistance to a variety of chemicals, is suitable for a wide range of light industrial environments. The product exhibits very fast curing characteristics allowing a full return to service after 2 hours. Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed is typically laid at a thickness of 2 - 4mm. The aesthetic finish may be augmented by incorporating a decorative flake or coloured Quartz broadcast.

Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed is formulated as a tough, impervious, chemical resistance floor finish where hygiene and ease of maintenance are important e.g. food and beverage production, hospitals, canteens and kitchens, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, etc. and in manufacturing industries where a fast return to service and minimal down times are essential.

  • Fast cure and return to service
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Hard wearing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned
  • Range of slip resistant finishes possible
  • Sound adhesion to concrete and metal substrates
  • Easily applied
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas


Concrete surfaces shall be a minimum of 21 days old and / or the residual moisture content shall be below 6%. Ensure that the concrete is clean and free from dust, laitance, grease, oil, curing compound, and existing paint finishes, etc. Blow holes and defective concrete floors shall be made good using a proprietary repair compound e.g. Centrecoat MMA Repair Mortar. Suitable mechanical treatment, such as vacuum grit blasting, is the preferred treatment prior to application as this ensures a mechanical ‘key’ which will optimise adhesion.

Steel surfaces should be shot blasted or grit blasted to a nominal Sa 2.5 Swedish Standard and with a medium blast profile. All dust shall be removed prior to coating
application. A coat of Centrecoat MMA Steel Primer shall be applied as soon as practicable after blasting, in order to obviate the possible occurrence of ‘flash rusting’.

Concrete surfaces shall be primed with a coat of Centrecoat MMA Multi-Use Primer, applied by brush or roller at a nominal rate of 0.3Kg m2. Long nap lambswool rollers are recommended for primer application. Allow primer to cure for a minimum of 40 minutes. Steel surfaces shall be primed with Centrecoat MMA Steel Primer as soon as practicable after blasting.

Centrecoat MMA Smooth Screed is supplied as a three pack material consisting of the Base component, the Catalyst component, and the Filler component. Mix the BASE component and the CATALYST component thoroughly by mechanical means and then add the FILLER component, mix thoroughly until a uniform consistency is achieved.

Pour the mixed material onto the prepared and pre-primed surface, and apply by serrated trowel or screed box to the desired thickness. De-aerate the screed by spike rollering. Note: Existing joints in the floor must be carried through the screed. If a more slip resistant finish should be required, then a suitable aggregate shall be broadcast whilst the screed is still wet and a suitable sealer coat subsequently applied. Equipment Cleaning.

Clean equipment with Centrecoat MMA Tool Cleaner immediately after use.

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