International Intumescent Paints

Promain staff have been trained by the major companies that produce quality intumescent paints. Therefore we will be able to offer you the best and correct products for your requirements. Be warned - there are some companies offering cheaper unknown products that have not been fully tested. In the event of a fire may not offer the protection required by law.

The Interchar range of intumescent passive fire products from International Paints can offer up to 2 hours cellulosic fire protection on structural steel. Single component and solvent free two pack options are available from manufacturer’s such as Bollom, PPG, Jotun, Hempel as well as International Paints. All of these companies are industry leading manufacturers that carry out thorough independent testing. Therefore they are fully certified. The choice of which paint to use will depend on the environment and durability required. Our Technical Team at Promain will be able to advise and calculate the amount of paint you will require to archive the protection required by Building Control.  

Typical structures requiring intumescent protection include a number of public access buildings such as airport terminals, leisure facilities, convention and exposition buildings, education facilities, shopping centres, industrial complexes and hotels. Structural fire protection whether it is a passive and reactive coating, or an active sprinkler system are important for the preservation of life, allowing occupants critical time to escape the building.

Please contact our technical department with your requirements, we will be able to advise on the amount of intumescent coating required, and the material cost.

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