Mapei Primers

Mapei produce a range of primers specifically formulated used to prime cementitious mortars and self levelling screeds before applying a range of single or two pack floor paints or epoxy and polyurethane resin systems, Primers are also available for priming before smoothing with Elastocolor Rasante or painting cementitious and lime based renders, asbestos cement and concrete blocks with Mapei Elastocolor Paint.
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  1. Mapei Silexcolor Primer
    Mapei Silexcolor Primer

    A silicate based primer to promote bonding and to even out the absorption of the substrate before the final application of coloured top coats from the...

    From £59.72 £49.77
  2. Mapei Primer G
    Mapei Primer G

    A synthetic resin based water-dispersion primer with very low VOC's.

    From £29.71 £24.76
  3. Mapei Mapecolor Paste
    Mapei Mapecolor Paste

    Colouring system for on-site mixing to Mapei floor paints.

    From £35.86 £29.88
  4. Mapei Silancolor Plus Primer
    Mapei Silancolor Plus Primer

    A silane and siloxane based primer to even out absorption of substrates. For overcoating with the Silancolor Plus range.

    From £37.54 £31.28
  5. Mapei Primer 3296 For Mapelastic
    Mapei Primer 3296 For Mapelastic

    An acrylic primer in water dispersion with strong penetrating action for consolidating porous surfaces and unsound screeds.

    From £33.13 £27.61
  6. Mapei Eco Prim Grip Plus
    Mapei Eco Prim Grip Plus

    A multi-purpose, ready-to-use primer for internal and external floors and walls.

    From £56.64 £47.20
  7. Mapei Eco Prim T Plus
    Mapei Eco Prim T Plus

    A solvent free, low odour acrylic primer for interior use to aid adhesion on all absorbent and non absorbent surfaces.

    From £57.91 £48.26
  8. Mapei Mapeprim SP
    Mapei Mapeprim SP

    A synthetic-resin-based primer which ensures perfect bonding with smoothing and levelling compounds and cementitious mortars on non-absorbent and diff...

    From £82.74 £68.95
  9. Mapei Plastimul Primer
    Mapei Plastimul Primer

    A solvent free bitumen primer for evening out and improving bonding to substrates before applying a Mapei Plastimul product.

    From £60.60 £50.50
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