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  1. PPG NovaGuard 4801
    PPG NovaGuard 4801

    A two component, glass flake reinforced novolac vinyl ester coating for new or old steel with excellent resistance to high temps and solvents.

    From £603.29 £502.74
  2. PPG NovaGuard 840
    PPG NovaGuard 840

    A two component, solvent free, amine cured, phenolic epoxy coating, designed for providing a one coating solution to tank exteriors.

    From £619.16 £515.97
  3. PPG NovaGuard 650
    PPG NovaGuard 650

    A two component, solvent free amine cured epoxy coating. Suitable as a tank coating for crude oil and aliphatic petroleum products.

    From £333.40 £277.83
  4. PPG Novaguard 890 LT
    PPG Novaguard 890 LT

    Advanced coating offers quicker drying and reduced risk when curing at sub-zero temperatures.

    From £797.58 £664.65

8 Items

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