PPG SigmaDur

The PPG SIGMADUR range provides outstanding performance in durability, colour and gloss retention. The coatings have a proven track record over many decades providing exceptional protection for the service life of valuable assets in aggressive environments where durable systems are required. Various systems have been tested to meet and exceed the highest international standards, such as ISO 12944, NORSOK M501, and Florida testing according to ACQPA as well as being on the LUL Section 12 Register. Products in the range deliver optimum resistance to the splash and spillage of mineral, vegetable oils, paraffins, aliphatic petroleum products and mild chemicals.

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  1. PPG SigmaDur 550
    PPG SigmaDur 550

    Formerly Amercoat 450E, Amercoat 450S. A two pack PU Gloss Finish for steel. Item No.168. M24(XM92).

    From £99.72 £83.10

  2. PPG SigmaDur 550 H
    PPG SigmaDur 550 H

    Formally PPG SigmaDur 568. A 2 Part High Solids, High Build Polyurethane Gloss Finish.

    From £96.60 £80.50

  3. PPG SigmaDur One
    PPG SigmaDur One

    For use on both internal and external surfaces on boats and ships, for both maintenance and the improvement of aesthetics.

    From £103.01 £85.84

  4. PPG SigmaDur 1800
    PPG SigmaDur 1800

    A two component high solids polymeric urethane paint that can be used to provide excellent protection even in strong atmospheric conditions.

    From £200.64 £167.20

  5. PPG SigmaDur 520
    PPG SigmaDur 520

    A 2 pack high build semigloss aliphatic acrylic polyurethane finish, Highways Approved Item No.169.

    From £89.96 £74.97

  6. PPG SigmaDur 541
    PPG SigmaDur 541

    A two component, non-isocyanate epoxy acrylic gloss topcoat finish.

    From £101.51 £84.59

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