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PPG Sigma SigmaFast offers a fast curing system for steel fabrication. With metal prices on the increase, fabricators are keen to find ways of improving their production efficiency in an effort to remain profitable in the current economic climate. Cost control is one of the key drivers for fabrication shops and measures such as reducing scrap materials, increasing the efficiency of the cutting and welding processes, and faster throughput all contribute towards this primary objective. For industries where speed of construction is a vital element in the final cost analysis, the SIGMAFAS range helps to improve productivity through its speed of cure. The fast dry-to-handle times, reduced minimum overcoating intervals and ease of application are all-iportant reasons why many fabrication shops prefer SIGMAFAST products. Customers are aware that by choosing from this specialized range of products, formulated for the fabrication industry, they increase the abillity of delivering on time, on budget every time.

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  1. PPG SigmaFast 210 HS
    PPG SigmaFast 210 HS

    A fast curing, two component, high solids, high build zinc phosphate polyurethane primer / finish for in shop application to steel.

    From £109.02 £90.85
  2. PPG SigmaFast 278
    PPG SigmaFast 278

    A 2 component high solids rapid drying zinc phosphate epoxy Primer and build coat that has been formulated to cure at low temperatures down to -5°...

    From £73.06 £60.88
  3. PPG SigmaFast 205LT
    PPG SigmaFast 205LT

    A high build polyamide low temperature tintable zinc phosphate epoxy shop primer/coating for atmospheric conditions.

    From £216.65 £180.54
  4. PPG SigmaFast 205
    PPG SigmaFast 205

    A high build polyamide cured zinc phosphate epoxy primer a general purpose epoxy primer/coating for atmospheric conditions.

    From £58.39 £48.66
  5. PPG SigmaFast 40
    PPG SigmaFast 40

    A high build semi gloss coating, based on modified alkyd resin.

    From £75.82 £63.18
  6. PPG SigmaFast 20
    PPG SigmaFast 20

    A high build, fast drying corrosion inhibiting primer for structural steel in grey, red and other colours.

    From £49.14 £40.95
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