Rust-Oleum Metal Cladding Paint

Rustoleum Mathys is part of the RPM group of companies are a world leader in the development and formulation of not only water based but solvent based maintenance coatings and are renowned for their knowledge of corrosion protection coatings. Rustoleum have developed Noxyde an elastomeric single pack water based paint that has been used on many structural steel projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge in los Angeles. Noxyde has been formulated to be applied by airless spray but for contractors who wish to use brush or roller application Rustoleum have developed Peganox. Both these products offer extremely good adhesion not only to metals but to many other substrates such as Plastisol Cladding.

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  1. Rustoleum Noxyde Peganox Metal Cladding Paint
    Rustoleum Noxyde Peganox Metal Cladding Paint

    Heavy duty brushable, flexible, waterproof, anti-rust coating for metal cladding, timber plastics and fibreglass.

    From £57.83 £48.19
  2. Rust-Oleum Noxyde PLUS
    Rust-Oleum Noxyde PLUS

    A water-based coating that provides superior adhesion and corrosion protection for metal cladding.

    From £273.52 £227.93
  3. Rustoleum Mathys Paracem Semi Matt Cladding and Masonry Paint
    Rustoleum Mathys Paracem Semi Matt Cladding and Masonry Paint

    A micro-porous topcoat for external and internal application onto timber, corrugated metal, masonry, plaster, concrete etc.

    From £61.20 £51.00
  4. Rustoleum Metal Cladding Topcoat
    Rustoleum Metal Cladding Topcoat

    Metal Cladding Topcoat a decorative self priming paint coating for cladding, mobile homes, caravans, etc.

    From £172.73 £143.94
  5. Rustoleum Metal Cladding Primer
    Rustoleum Metal Cladding Primer

    Metal Cladding Primer - Plastisol Cladding Paint Primer for use on Mobile Homes, Caravans and Industrial Units.

    From £167.64 £139.70
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