Osmo Floor Roller Refill

Non Hazardous
Osmo microfibre refill for the Osmo Floor Roller Set for Oak Floor Oil and Floor Wax.
Suitable replacement rollers for the Osmo Floor Roller Set
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Product Description

Osmo Floor Roller Refill is a microfibre replacement for use with the Osmo Floor Roller Set. Roller Refills are part of the competitively priced wood care and maintenance range that Promain offers customers.

Best Uses

Use the Osmo Floor Roller Refill with Osmo Floor Roller Sets to save time and money and provide a quick replacement for worn out and old roller heads.


Simply remove the old roller head and replace with Osmo Floor Roller Refill to turn an old roller into a new one for current or future rejuvenation projects.

Surface and Environment

Osmo Floor Roller Refill are designed for use with Osmo Floor Roller Sets on interior wooden floors. The microfibrous head proves beneficial to the theoretical yield.

Technical Details

Suitable replacement rollers for the Osmo Floor Roller Set.