Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors

Non Hazardous
A 3-piece mop head kit for easy floor maintenance.
Please Note: This product does not include a pole - see Technical Details below.
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Product Description

Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors is a 3 piece maintenance kit that comprises of a dust mop, micro mop and active fibre cloth that can be used for multi purpose cleaning, alongside the Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole.

Best Uses

Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors is designed to allow homeowners, business owners and industrial users an easy way of caring and maintaining their wooded surfaces. This kit can be combined with the Osmo Telescopic Pole.

  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective basic and intensive cleaning
  • The soft fibres maintain protected surfaces without wear of treatment
  • Also suitable for varnished, stone, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use


Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors can be used easily and effectively to clean wooden substrates. Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole is sold separately.

Surface and Environment

The Osmo mop heads in this pack can be used on smooth timber, vinyl, tiled and natural stone floors for general cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Details


  • The mop set seamlessly connects to the Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole for back-preserving cleaning and care of wooden floors (handle sold separately)
  • Avoid using all-purpose and aggressive cleaners
  • Only use the Osmo Micro-Mop Plush for damp mopping, not wet. When required, dry afterwards
  • How often your wooden floor has to be mopped will depend on the amount of use. In private households, a weekly cleaning routine is normally enough. In restaurants and other high traffic areas you should mop daily

Technical Info

A 3-piece maintenance kit for easy floor maintenance

  • The kit comprises:-
  • Dust Mop: Easy to use, for picking up dust on all wooden floors
  • Micro Cloth: For mopping the floor with Osmo Wash and Care. 
  • Easy to use and suitable for all wooden floors
  • Active Fibre Cloth: For simple application of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner on all oiled/waxed floors
  • Mop Head Plate with extra mop fixation


  • Green Fluffy – Dust Mop (dry)
  • White Fluffy – Micro Mop for use with Osmo Wash & Care (wet)
  • White small – For use with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (wet)

Please note this pack does not include the Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole

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