Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole Handle

Non Hazardous
A telescopic pole for use with a wide range of Osmo cleaning equipment.
This product listing is for Osmo's Mop Pole Only. Accessories Available.
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Product Description

Osmo Telescopic Pole is a high quality aluminium mop pole for use alongside the Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors and a wide range of Osmo tools and accessories.

Best Uses

Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole is designed to allow homeowners, business owners and industrial users an easy way of caring and maintaining their wooded surfaces alongside the Osmo Cleaning Kit For Floors.


Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole can be used easily and effectively to clean wooden substrates alongside the Osmo maintenance range.


This mop pole has a soft touch grip with a simple connection to allow replacable mop heads. Pole is adjustable in length from 120 - 200cm so can be used by a range of people and jobs.

Technical Details

Osmo Telescopic Mop Pole

  • Adjustable to 120 - 200cm lengths
  • Soft Touch grip for safety

This item does not include any heads / tools / brushes.

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