Owatrol Marine Polytrol Formerly Gelcoat Restorer

Non Hazardous
A colour restorer for dull or sun faded surfaces including gelcoats and fibreglass surfaces.
Available in 1 Litre
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Product Description

Owatrol Marine Polytrol is a colour restorer for dull or sun faded surfaces including gelcoats and fibreglass surfaces.

Best Uses

Marine Polytrol is a deep penetrating oil that penetrates deep into gelcoat to re-wet the pigment and so restore the dull, faded look of the gelcoat to its original colour and lustre. It then dries to a tough, long lasting and flexible finish. Marine Polytrol eliminates the need for expensive waxes and polishes that sit on the surface and dry out quickly.

Ideal for brightening gelcoat with dull lustre, restoring shine to metal fixtures, rejuvenating flat or chalky paint dulled by weathering, brightening the surface tiles in stone, terracotta, marble, slate etc.

  • Restores the colour and appearance of dull and faded surfaces caused by exposure to sunlight, rain and pollution
  • Long lasting and penetrates deep into the gelcoat
  • Protects against corrosion and blemishes
  • Eliminates the need for waxes and polishes that sit on surfaces and dry out quickly
  • Suitable for use on fibreglass (GRP)
  • Not suitable for white surfaces


Apply using a high quality, natural or synthetic bristle brush and soft cloth. Choose an area that can be managed within five minutes. Excess Gelcoat Restorer that dries on the surface may be removed with Owatrol Marine Strip per label instructions. Wear protective clothing and gloves. Cover areas you want to protect. Apply between 41°F (5°C) and 95°F (35°C). Do not apply in direct sunlight. Use as is, do not thin.

Rinse the surface with fresh water. Remove dirt and heavy oxidation by scrubbing with Owatrol Deck Cleaner per label instructions. Allow surface to completely dry.
Saturate a soft cloth with Owatrol Gelcoat Restorer and wipe it on. With a soft cloth, wipe off excess within 10 minutes. Gently polish with a lint-free cloth to a new sheen.

Technical Details


  • Any rags, steel wool etc soaked in MARINE POLYTROL (FORMALLY GELCOAT RESTORER) may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Rags, steel wool etc must be saturated with water after use or placed in a sealed, water filled metal container, before disposing with household waste.
  • Left over Owatrol Marine Polytrol should be transferred to a smaller, airtight, closed metal or glass containers
  • Keep from freezing and high temperatures

Technical Info

Components: Single Pack
Type: Penetrating Oil
Finish: Transparent
Apperance: Amber
Tintable: No
VOC Content: Out of scope
Solid Content: 33% ± 2
Suitable Substrates: Plastic, Gelcoats, Polished Metal, Aluminium, Stainless Steel
Application Method: Brush, Cloth, Abrasive Pad, Wire Wool (000 or 0000 grade)
Theoretical Coverage: 18 m2 per litre
Drying Time: 24 hours depending on temperature and humidity.
Time Before Use: 24 hours
Cleaner / Thinner: Clean tools with white spirit whilst wet
Shelf Life: 2 years minimum from date of production unopened
Packaging: Available in 1 Litre

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