Kestrel Thermoplastic Road Sign Road Marking Screed Powder

Non Hazardous
Thermoplastic road marking screed material for industrial road marking machines and hand moulds. From as little as 60p per metre!
Available as Full Pallets of 50 x 20 Kg bags
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Product Description

Kestrel Thermoplastic Road Marking Screed (Powder) is a thermoplastic road marking material consisting of a mixture that contains light coloured aggregate pigments and extender bound together with a thermoplastic binder system.

Best Uses

Kestrel Thermoplastic Road Marking Screed Powder is available in white and yellow and has been designed specifically for use with the Graco ThermoLazer and can be used to mark lines and various different road signals such as speed limits and pedestrian warnings.

Available in the following options:

  • White Lux 100 (Reflective)
  • White Standard (Non-Reflective)
  • Yellow Standard (Non-Reflective)


Kestrel Thermoplastic Road Marking Powder (Screed) has been developed for use with a hand mould or the Graco ThermoLazer. For specific application methods please see this product.

Surface and Environment

Kestrel Thermoplastic Road Marking Screed Powder should be used in conjunction with a hand mould (draw box)  or a ThermoLazer and can be used on a variety of different surfaces, primarily those made out of concrete materials.

Cost Effective!

A single bag of thermoplastic powder can cover a 100mm wide line, up to 43 metres in length. This means that the Lux 100 Reflective Powder equates to just £0.67p per metre, whilst the yellow non-reflective is only £0.60 per metre!

Technical Details
  • For use with a draw box (hand mould) or a Graco ThermoLazer
  • Available as a Pallet of 50 x 20kg bags.
  • Available in White Reflective, White Non-Reflective or Yellow Non-Reflective.

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