Sigma Ameron Paint

Promain supply the complete range of RT98 and Section 12 coatings from PPG incorporating the Ameron Paint products now rebranded as the Sigma range, these include the Amercoat, Amerlock, Dimetcote, Epok, Amershield  and Nu-Klad, new names such as Sigma AquaCover, SigmaCover, SigmaDur, SigmaFast, SigmaGuard, SigmaLine, Sigmamarine, SigmaShield, SigmaTherm, Vikote, SigmaWeld, SigmaZinc, Sigmarite, and SigmaGlide.

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  1. PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer
    PPG SigmaCover 690 Aluprimer

    A two component high solids aluminium pigmented polyamine cured modified epoxy primer. Highways Item 115.

    From £108.83 £90.69
  2. PPG SigmaPrime 700
    PPG SigmaPrime 700

    A two component multi purpose polyamide cured anti-corrosive epoxy paint system from PPG.

    From £357.73 £298.11
  3. PPG SigmaShield 880
    PPG SigmaShield 880

    A two component high build polyamine adduct cured epoxy coating. Primarily designed for use in offshore splash zone maintenance.

    From £92.64 £77.20
  4. PPG SigmaCover 400 / Amerlock 400
    PPG SigmaCover 400 / Amerlock 400

    A self-priming coating for steel and concrete. Formerly PPG SigmaCover 640 / Amerlock 400C.

    From £72.00 £60.00
  5. PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer
    PPG Sigma EP 159 Sealer

    A two pack epoxy sealer pigmented with aluminium. Highways Approved Item 159.

    From £102.89 £85.74
  6. PPG SigmaCover 350
    PPG SigmaCover 350

    Formally SigmaCover 2AL and Amerlock 2AL. A surface tolerant primer/coating.

    From £82.18 £68.48
  7. PPG SigmaCover 410 MIO
    PPG SigmaCover 410 MIO

    Two component high solids, high build, polyamide cured epoxy coating designed for general purpose protection to steel and concrete structures.

    From £368.02 £306.68
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