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Promain UK Limited has a strong belief that any form of good painting starts with good preparation. In order to get the best finish possible it is vital to have a thoroughly clean surface on which to paint.

Quality Roof Cleaning Products

Our range of Roof Cleaners are top of the bill, and offer you outstanding results in the cleaning and preparation of your roofs. We understand that not all of you will want to paint or seal your roof tiles and you simply just want to clean them in order to remove moss and algae. Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal wash obliterates moss and algae from roof tiles, parapet brickwork and flat asphalt or rolled felt roofs. As algae and moss dry out during the summer they fall off and can land in the gutters causing blockages. This becomes a more costly and tedious job in the unblocking of gutters. We strongly recommend that you have a browse through our range of Roof Cleaners and pick a cleaner that is suitable for you. 

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SKYVAC SkyScraper Roof Moss Remover

SKYVAC SkyScraper Roof Moss Remover

The UK's most efficient moss removal system for roofs, eliminating the danger of climbing on roofs to remove unsightly moss.

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Roofing Cleaners 

As well as being destructive and damaging to roofs, Algae and Moss are highly unattractive on the eye and give the impression of a home owner that doesn’t care about the appearance of their home. The roof cleaners we offer you are so easy to use and are extremely effective in the removal of not only moss and algae, but other contaminants too, such as grease. Available at reasonable and competitive prices we can be sure you will find a roof cleaning product or fungicidal wash that will rejuvenate your roofs, driveways and patios. 

Applying Roof Cleaners

When applying roof cleaners, each product is different and comes with instructions on the best way to use and apply the product. The most popular way is to dilute the cleaner, and spray the solution evenly over the roof area. Most of these cleaning products also require a dryign time after the application to allow the solution to work through any grime or mould. Due to this we recommend cleaning your roof on a dry day that has little to no chance of rain, giving the roof cleaner time to dry and gve you the best results possible.

Uses of Roof Cleaners

Roof cleaners are used to tackle an array of problems that can occur with any roof from pitched to flat. These include issues with mould, algae, moss, fungus, grease, mildew and bacteria. If you have had a lea, animal or mould based problem, a quality industrial roof cleaner will do the trick and restre your roof back to its higest performance. 

Roof Cleaners from Promain

Promain makes it a priority to offer you products that produce the best results, all the while remaining environmentally friendly. Roof Cleaners are highly effective in the redecoration of surfaces and help prevent the risk of re-infection. If you have any questions regarding any of our Roof Cleaners, please  do not hesitate to contact our technical support team, who will be happy to help you.