Selemix 6-585 System Glass Additive

UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: II)
Selemix System Glass Additive can be added to Selemix 2k paints when adhesion to glass is required.
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Product Description

Selemix 6-585 System Glass Additive can be added to Selemix range of 2k paints when adhesion to glass is required, ideal for creating unique high end finish glass splash backs and worktops.

Selemix 6-585 glass additive can be added to Selemix 7-536 or 7-537 2k paints to enable them to adhere to a glass substrate, this system can be used to create unique and high end glass splashbacks and worktops for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, hotels, shops etc. installing a glass splashback or worktop over a traditional tile splashback or worktop has many advantages such as ease of cleaning, as glass is completely non-porous it means bacteria or dirt has no place to harbour or form stains on the surface, excellent durability as glass is heat, scratch and impact resistant making it ideal for high wear areas such as kitchens, airports, shopping centres etc., ease of installation as glass can be cut to many different shapes or sizes any large or complicated area can be covered in a short space of time and unlike tiles there is no need to grout saving time and money on install costs and a finally the vast range of possible designs, as a large choice of unique colours/effects are available and also the option to tint to most RAL, BS or NCS colour codes allowing you to create one off bespoke pieces which will transform any space.

Painted glass is not just limited to splashbacks and worktops, it can also be used in wet rooms, showers or changing rooms where it can provide a durable easy to clean hygienic surface, also painted glass has an excellent level of durability so is perfect as a protective coating in high traffic areas such as airport, bars, shopping centres, shop countertops etc. As a high end seamless look can be achieved painted glass is ideal for installing in to prestigious buildings creating a unique centre piece and can be equally installed into any home or commercial space for a unique high end look.

Best Uses

Selemix 6-585 Glass additive is best used as part of the Selemix glass painting system in combination with Selemix 2k paints 7-537 for whites and pastel colours and 7-536 for all other colours, when used in the aforementioned system the product is ideal for painting glass, glass splashbacks, glass worktops, glass wall panels for shops, wet rooms, bathrooms, airport, shopping centre, ceilings, restaurants, hotels, prestigious buildings, offices, window sills, glass headboards, unique centre pieces, plus many more.


The glass substrate will need to be suitable prepared by thoroughly cleaning and degreasing before painting with either methylated Sprite (ims) or Isopropanol (ipa) by applying to the surface and then wiping clean with a clean lint free cloth.

Once combined with the correct paint in the applicable ratio the product can be applied by both airless, air airless and conventional spray equipment and when applied at an 80 micron dry film thickness has theoretical coverage rate of 5.5m2 per litre, for best result it is recommended that 2-3 coats are applied.

In order to use Selemix glass additive it will need to be combined either Selemix 7-537 or 7-536 2k paints at a general ratio of 4 parts paint, 1 part hardener 9-070, 0.5 parts 6-585 glass additive and 0.5 parts 1-480 thinner, always consult the technical data for applicable ratio prior to application.

Technical Details
  • Selemix 6-585 system glass additive
  • Product code 1.965.8500/E2
  • Allows Selemix 2k paint to adhere to glass
  • Spray applied by either airless, air airless or conventional equipment
  • 70% gloss finish
  • High end finish
  • Ideal for creating unique splashbacks and worktops
  • Pot life of 3 hours at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Touch dry 2 hours at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Fully cured 16 hours at 20 degrees Celsius
  • Available in large range of colours
  • Can be tinted to most RAL, BS & NCS colour codes
  • Compatible 2k paints Selemix 7-537 for whites and pastel colours, 7-536 for all other colours
  • Theoretical coverage of 5.5m2 per litre when applied at an 80 micron dry film thickness
  • Compatible hardener: Selemix 9-070
  • Available in 1 litre tin.