PPG SigmaCover 456

SKU id3892 Part A and B: UN1263 (Class: 3, Pk Grp: III)
A high build polyamide cured recoatable epoxy coating.
Available in White and a range of other colours, please call
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£55.13 (£66.16 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG SigmaCover 456 two component high build polyamide cured recoatable epoxy coating suitable for steel and concrete substrates. SigmaCover 456 is part of the ISO 12944-6 System For Steel C4 High.

PPG SigmaCover 456 is a two component high build polyamide cured recoatable epoxy coating designed for general purpose protection to steel and concrete structures exposed to atmospheric land or marine conditions.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaCover 456 is best used to provide durability to a variety of different substrates and can be recoated with various two component and conventional coatings even after long weathering periods. As well as providing durability, PPG SigmaCover 456 also offers excellent resistance to water and splash of mild chemicals.


PPG SigmaCover 456 can be applied to most aged, sound alkyd, chlorinated rubber and epoxy coatings using spray, brush or roller, in order to provide excellent adhesion. After 2 hours of drying time, the surface will be touch dry ready for a recoat after a minimum interval of 3 hours. SigmaCover 456 has a theoretical coverage rate of 6-9m2 per litre depending on the surface.

Surface and Environment

PPG SigmaCover 456 is suitable for use in coastal and industrial environments and can be used on structural steel and concrete appliances to produce a black, grey, white or cream finish. SigmaCover 456 is part of the ISO 12944-6 System For Steel C4 High system.

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