PPG SigmaShield 1200 Formerly Amercoat 340

SKU id3955 Part A: UN3082 (Class: 9, Pk Grp: III), Part B: UN2922 (Class: 8, Pk Grp: II)
Formerly Amercoat 340. A two component, abrasion resistant, solvent free, amine cured, phenolic epoxy coating.
Various Colours Available Upon Request
£476.25 (£571.50 Inc VAT)
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£476.25 (£571.50 Inc VAT)

Product Description

PPG SigmaShield 1200 is a two component, abrasion resistant, solvent free, amine cured, phenolic epoxy coating designed to be used as a single coat system designed for underwater hull of ice going and ice breaking vessels.

SigmaShield 1200 offers excellent protective properties that work to protect the surface from a variety of different things that can damage the surface, including corrosion, abrasion and impact.

Best Uses

PPG SigmaShield 1200 is best used as an abrasion resisting product for use in areas where this property is of the utmost important, such as tanks, cargo and other structures. PPG SigmaShield 1200 can be used to aid the surface in resistance against tough chemicals and crude oil with temperatures of up to 90°C and works to reduce the risk of fire hazard and explosion in confined spaces.


SigmaShield 1200 can be applied using a heavy duty single feed airless spray that offers a theoretical coverage rate of 2.5m2 per litre and is touch dry after 6 hours. After a 24 hour interval you will be able to apply a second coating before the product reaches full cure after 5 days. Once fully cured you will be provide with a decorative and protective glossy coating.

Surface and Environment

SigmaShield 1200 is designed for use in areas subject to a high level of wear and tear. This is where the products abrasion resistant qualities come into play as the surface and coating are protected from any damage caused by abrasion and impact. SigmaShield 1200 is ideal for use on steel and blasted steel and is suitable for immersion services too.