Sika Sikagard® 545 W Elastofill, 15 Litres

Sika Sikagard® 545 W Elastofill, 15 Litres

SKU id10000 Non Hazardous
Designed as a crack-bridging intermediate coat in combination with Sikagard® 550 W Elastic.
Available in 15 Litres
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Product Description

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Sikagard® 545 W Elastofill is a versatile product that can be used as a filler coat for small cracks and joints but has been primarily designed for use as an intermediate coat for crack bridging protective coating systems.

Best Uses

Sikagard®-545 W Elastofill is best used for creating a protective system and bridging cracks that have formed in concrete structures. This multi-purpose product works especially well outdoors on exposed concrete structures that have a high risk of cracking and works to prevent this from happening.


Sikagard® 545 W Elastofill can be applied using brush or roller, depending on what you are using for. Please see the product data sheet for more information on how to apply this product in the best manner. Under normal conditions drying time is usually between 10-12 hours, when dry.

Surface and Environment

Sikagard® 545 W Elastofill has been designed primarily for use outdoors and is highly suited for application to concrete structures that are liable to cracking. This product is environmentally friendly and is safe to use externally.

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