*Timberex Timberguard

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product has been discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Timberex Timberguard is designed for the treatment and care of exterior wooden furniture, doors, decking, windows etc. Timberguard from Timberex contains UV filters which will slow down the greying process and keep the wood looking fresh.

Best Uses

  • Deep-penetrating, hardening natural oil
  • Labour-efficient, easy and rapid maintenance
  • Surface-dry after 8 - 12 hours, thoroughly hardened and water-resistant after few days


Punch down any nail heads, fill any small holes or imperfections with proprietary coloured timber filler (plastic wood) and leave to cure. The wood should not have excessive gaps through which the product could seep and affect the bond of any adhesive layer or areas below. Surfaces should be free from any barrier to penetration. Wood which is to be treated must be clean, dry (preferably less than 15% moisture) and sanded using 100-120 grade sandpaper.

Timberguard Teak and Bangkirai must be stirred before and during
1. Apply Timberguard liberally with brush.
2. Wait approximately 45 minutes, ensuring that the oil does not dry between applications.
3. Repeat the application over the entire surface in 2-3 coats at intervals of around 45 minutes. Very absorbent wood will require more oil.4. After the last application the surface must be given a further 30-45 minutes drying time. Then buff the surface of the wood with a Red grade nylon pad. This may also be carried out by machine taking care to work in several directions.
5. Remove ALL surplus oil with cotton cloths. Place the cloths in water directly after use.
6. Let the surface dry for 12-18 hours. Polish by hand or with a high speed (300 rpm or higher) machine and Red grade nylon pad, followed by dry buffing with a cloth if a higher sheen is required. Applicators, cloths etc impregnated with the product should be put in a bucket of water.

Timberguard is designed to deeply penetrate the wood and protect from within and should not be used to form a surface coating. .Avoid carrying out treatment in strong sunlight. Do not work with a larger surface than you can manage to complete in accordance with stages 1-6 under ‘APPLICATION’. If the oil starts to cure and it is difficult to remove the surplus, apply further Timberguard so that the new oil softens it and then wipe away the surplus. Food products must be removed during application and cure.