Timberex Wax Oil, 5 Litres

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Greatly enhances colours and grain and allows wood to age naturally into rich varying tones.
Available in 5 Litres
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Product Description

Timberex Wax-Oil greatly enhances colours and grain and allows wood to age naturally into rich varying tones.

Best Uses

Timberex Wax Oil is an ideal wood floor protector for internal use.

  • Made from fast curing natural oils and carnauba wax
  • Cures to a deep satin finish
  • Same day application and finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Easily refurbished
  • Does not leave swirl marks


Punch down any nail heads, fi ll any small holes or imperfections with proprietary coloured timber filler (plastic wood) and leave to cure. The wood should not have excessive gaps through which the product could seep and affect the bond of any adhesive layer or rooms below. Floors should be free from any barrier to penetration. Sand at least twice starting with coarse sandpaper, and use 120 grade maximum sandpaper for the fi nal preparatory sanding. Clean the surface by vacuuming.

Due to the fast drying nature of the product, application can be completed in one day. It is advisable to test a small area fi rst. Stir the product thoroughly before and
during use to ensure consistent dispersion of the carnauba wax.

1. Apply the fi rst coat of Timberex Wax-Oil using a very stiff brush or squeegee. Accidental splashes on surrounding surfaces must be removed immediately.
2. Apply a second coat within 20-30 minutes of applying the first coat.
3. Apply further coats at 20-30 minute intervals until the wood will not absorb anymore oil. Keep moving the Timberex Wax-Oil to areas where it is being absorbed. It must not dry between coats.
4. After another 30 minutes, while there is a thin, even residue of unabsorbed Timberex Wax-Oil, it is important to thoroughly buff the wet surface with a Red grade nylon pad at.
5. Immediately remove ALL unabsorbed Timberex Wax-Oil by buffing with cloths.

6. The surface will dry to a satin sheen after 8-12 hours. Buffing with a Red grade
nylon pad at 300 rpm will increase the sheen if desired.
Important: When finished with place all impregnated cloths etc into a bucket filled with water.