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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

Please note, this product is now discontinued. Contact our technical team for a suitable alternative.

Timberguard Mousse is an easy to use maintenance foam based upon our popular Timberguard Exterior Oil. The mousse contains an active UV-inhibitor, slowing down the bleaching effect from harmful UV-radiation from the sun and is ideal for the protection of exterior wood against algae.

Best Uses

Timberguard Mousse is an ideal product for protecting wooden garden furniture, decking, cladding and other external woodwork from the effects of algae growth.This Timberguard Mousse also contains natural biocides which will protect wood from fungus and algae. The surface will be touch-dry within an hour and will become water-resistant after 24-48 hours.


Tools: For application on wood garden furniture: A soft sponge (kitchen sponge), a cotton cloth, a pair of plastic or latex gloves. For application on decking: A soft nylon pad, a cotton cloth, a pair of plastic or latex gloves.

Punch down any nails or screws and fi ll any small holes or imperfections with proprietary coloured wood filler (plastic wood) and leave to cure, Surfaces should be free from any barrier to penetration. Application should be avoided in direct sunlight.

1. Clean the surface using Timberex Bio-C Cleaner. Clean the surface thoroughly and let dry.
2. As soon as the surface is dry, treatment with Timberguard Mousse can begin. Apply a small amount of mousse directly onto the surface using a sponge, nylon pad or cloth. Rub the oil into the surface and repeat if necessary in intervals of 20 minutes.
3. After the final application, remove ALL surplus oil from the surface. Wait another 30-45 minutes before final buffing using a cotton cloth until a satin matt finish has been achieved.
4. IMPORTANT: Ensure that all applicators and cloths impregnated with the oil are placed in a bucket filled with water immediately after use. See section SAFETY INFORMATION for further instructions.

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This product is now discontinued.

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