About Anti Grafitti Paint

Promain UK Limited offer you a supply of the finest Anti Graffiti Paints and graffiti protectors available on the market. With products including Rustoleum Pepagraff Hydro Protector, Coo Var Graffiti Remover Liquid, Coo Var Anti Graffiti Coating and Rustoleum Pepagrim Xpress Primer, we know you will find what you are looking for. Promain offers you the ultimate protection and coatings as you succeed to prevent vandals from graffitiing and destroying your walls and fences. The range of products we have on offer are ideal for those businesses and residents who live in areas which are prone to high levels of graffitiing.

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So what does Anti Graffitiing Paint actually do? Well depending if you want to prevent or remove then the job of the coating is very different. In the prevention of Graffiti, our paints and coatings offer a surface of protection which literally stops graffiti from sticking to the surface. Whereas, in the removal of Graffiti, the Paints we have on offer have specially designed formula’s with a fast evaporating blend of highly active solvents to remove the graffiti quickly and effectively. As well as removing Graffiti, the products we have on offer also remove, marker pen, paint, crayon and lipstick too.

Our Anti Graffiti Paints are ideal to use on most forms of surfaces including bridges, statues, walls and fences, and are super effective in the resistance to a wide range of chemicals and solvents. You can use the coatings inside and outside and are suitable to use on non combustible surfaces. We only offer the best protective and removal products and we know you will not be disappointed as you seek to keep away those pesky graffiti “artists”.