Centrecoat Industrial Road Stencil - Slow 10 MPH

Non Hazardous
Slow 10 MPH Stencil for Road Marking. Made from semi-clear robust 350 micron polyester material in 4 sizes.
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Product Description

Centrecoat Industrial Stencil, Slow 10 MPH can be used with line marking paint on different surfaces including concrete, paving, stone, brickwork and some metal and wood, depending on the paint specifications.

Centrecoat Industrial Sign Stencils are part or Promain's extensive range of Stencils designed for use on roads and in car parks. Centrecoat industrial Stencils come in a large selection of choices and wording for different instructions. Industrial Stencils are made out of semi-clear robust 350 micron polyester material and come in 4 sizes. Take a look of Promain's range of Stencils and if you can not find what you are looking for we have other styles and sizes available on request.

Please Note: The sizes listed in the Measurements drop down are the size of the actual design.

Best Uses

Centrecoat Industrial Sign Stencil, Slow 10 MPH is best used in residential areas and private areas where instructions have not been clearly stated or have faded over time. Use Centrecoat Industrial Sign Stencils to direct, warn, advise and instruct vehicle owners and pedestrians.


Centrecoat Industrial Sign Stencils are simple and easy to use and can be used with Centrecoat or FLAG Line Marking paints to achieve the best results. Centrecoat industrial Stencils range from small sized to large depending on the environment.

Surfaces and Environment 

Centrecoat Industrial Sign Stencils can be used on a number of different surfaces in conjunction with the appropriate paint, including concrete, paving, stone, brickwork and in some cases, metal and wood, depending on the paint specifications.

Technical Details
  • Promain Industrial Sign Stencils are made from semi-clear robust 350 Micron polyester material
  • Ideal for industrial and commercial use in car parks, on roads etc.
  • Easy to clean using warm water or white spirit.
  • Other design styles and sizes by request

Height & Width of Stencil Surrounding Plastic

  • A) Small 10" x 8" inch (255 x 203mm)
  • B) Medium 15" x 12" inch (380 x 305mm)
  • C) Large 24" x 17" inch (610 x 432mm)
  • D) X Large 34" x 24" inch (863 x 610mm)

Maximum Height & Width of Stencil Cutout









X Large


Slow 10 MPH Slow 10 Mph Stencil 202 x 112mm 332 x 183mm 508 x 280mm 760 x 420mm

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