Centrecoat Thermoplastic Walking Man

SKU id9931 Non Hazardous
High quality, durable, preformed road marking. Fast to apply ensures minimal downtime.
Available in Various Sizes In White
£20.95 (£25.14 Inc VAT)
£20.95 (£25.14 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Centrecoat Thermoplastic Walking Man is a clean cut, preformed, permanent thermoplastic walking man marking, made for use on roads and car parks. Packaged ready to use, the thermoplastic walking man will adhere to most surfaces in most weather conditions.

These logos are manufactured to the highest quality with the best thermoplastic material, ensuring a long service life and minimum maintenance.

Best Uses

The Thermoplastic Walking Man is a versatile product best used in schools grounds, car parks, and on roads. With quick drying times and excellent adherence to most surfaces, The Thermoplastic Walking Man from Centrecoat offers an excellent informative solution to those in charge of road markings and maintenance.


The Thermoplastic Walking Man is easy to apply using a thermoplastic gas torch. The heat generated ensures accurate results and quick drying times so you can walk and drive over the surface within minutes.

Surface and Environment

The Thermoplastic Walking Man has been specially manufactured for outdoor application to hard concrete surfaces, asphalt and tarmac. This product can be applied in a variety of weather conditions so long as the floor is visible and clean.

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