Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading

SKU id3294 Non Hazardous
A water based paste for dilution. Ideal to block out excess light and heat in factories and greenhouses. Helps reduce inside temperature.
Available in 2.5 Litres in White
£27.31 (£32.77 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Please note the manufacturer is advising delivery will take a minimum 3 - 5 days for delivery of this product.

Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading Paint is a solar reflective paint used to aid the protection of exterior and interior glass.

By using Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading Paint you will be able to significantly reduce the build up of heat inside which can affect the performance of staff and/or damage products and equipment due to overheating.

Best Uses

Coo-Var W454 Glass Shade Paint is a water based clear white reflective paint for glass windows that is best used to reflect light caused by the sun. Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading is a Glass Shade Paint brought to you at an excellent price to help maintain your home, garden or commercial buildings.


Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading Paint can be applied using brush or roller to indoor or outdoor glass and has a life expectancy of 1 year. Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading Paint has a drying time of 1-2 hours, however cold and damp conditions will prolong this time. Coo-Var W454 Glass Shade Paint can be applied with 50% water to offer a coverage rate of 40m2 per 2.5 litre tin and 25% water for a coverage rate of 25% water per 2.5 litre tin.

Surface and Environment

Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading Paint has been specifically designed for use on external and internal glass windows in environments prone to receiving a high level of solar light which can cause heat damage inside or create an uncomfortable environment.