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This section contains a range of products produced by Coo-Var that cover preparation of surfaces, anti-climb paint through to glow in the dark and fluorescent paints as well as UV stable polyurethane paint for swimming pools or ponds.

The range of products will clean and prepare concrete or tarmac surfaces ready for painting by removing not only dirt but oil stains, grease and latents. For other areas such as walls or ceilings Coo-Var produce a stain block to cover unsightly water stains or even nicotine.

Coo-Var W221 High Performance Primer is a water based 2 pack adhesion primer applied to smooth surfaces such as floors, tiles or other non-porous surfaces before paint is applied.  Concrete and Power floated floors often need repairing before they are painted and Coo-Var have developed not only epoxy repair mortars for floors but products that are suitable for cold rooms such as M200 CSP that will offer good durability, excellent flexibility and still cure at temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees celsius making it ideal for cold rooms and commercial freezers.

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  1. Coo-Var C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint
    Coo-Var C264 Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint

    A thick non-drying paint providing a slippery surface containing a hidden identifier.

    From £77.93 £64.94
  2. Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint
    Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint

    A high visibility paint, to identify hazardous objects, for wood, metal or masonry.

    From £56.15 £46.79
  3. Coo-Var Luminous Paint
    Coo-Var Luminous Paint

    A high visibility paint that glows in the dark and provides an effective safety aid for marking and highlighting.

    From £36.00 £30.00
  4. Coo-Var W449 Tennis Court and Drive Paint
    Coo-Var W449 Tennis Court and Drive Paint

    For driveways, patios, pavements and car parks. A water based paint for hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and tarmac.

    From £62.20 £51.83

20 Items

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Continuing with Coo-Var’s portfolio of specialist coatings they produce the market leading Anti-Climb Paint Vandalene C264 this non-drying paint is applied to the top of walls or access ares such as drain pipes to deter intruders or burglars from entering properties. Coo-Var W454 Glass Shading as been formulated to reduce the heat of the sun in greenhouses acting like sun cream for plants by stopping them from burning, just right for those few sunny days we have each year. With an increase in all things Health and Safety identification and demarcation has become a box that needs ticking in most offices and factories Coo-Var D125 Glocote Fluorescent Paint was formulated to help with this task by offering a range of  5 bright colours such as green, red and yellow with a clear protective glaze to aid with weathering for outdoor applications. Coo-Var really have tried to offer a comprehensive range of products but if you are unable to find a paint coating that fits your requirements please call Promain as we do not have all of the Coo-Var products on our web site.