About Sika Floor Paint

Promain are appointed distributors for Sika Floor Paints in the United Kindom. Sika Floor Paints have been formulated for all types of industrial applications from domestic garage floor paint to Industrial warehouses as well as car parks and balcony walkways. Our technical team have decades of experience in the paint industry and have spent years finding companies and brands we are willing to put our name to when it comes to industrial floor paints.

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Sika Sikafloor® 3000

Sika Sikafloor® 3000

A 2 part elastic, aliphatic, low VOC, self-smoothing polyurethane resin, that part of the Sika ComfortFloor® range.

£372.00 (£446.40 Inc VAT)
Sika Sikafloor 375

Sika Sikafloor 375

A two part, solvent free, low viscosity, tough elastic, crack-bridging polyurethane resin, for car parks, industrial floor...

£338.42 (£406.10 Inc VAT)
Sika Sikafloor® 264 Thixo

Sika Sikafloor® 264 Thixo

Sikafloor-264 Thixo two part, economic, coloured epoxy resin floor paint.

£317.54 (£381.05 Inc VAT)

3 Items

Promain have researched many manufacturers of industrial floor paints looking for a comprehensive range of products for many applications as well as products that offer good value for money. We not only taking into account the initial cost of the products and the labour cost of applying the floor paint but also taking into account the durability and life expectancies of the coatings. We feel confident that if you require floor paint for your garage, warehouse, workshop, clean room or anti-static floor or even a suitable coating approved by London Underground (section 12) Sika will not disappoint with their comprehensive range of floor paints.

What are the benefits of Sika Floor Paints?

  • Proven high performance
  • Hard wearing many are low VOC 
  • low maintenance and utility costs after installation
  • Completely bespoke paint solutions designed to suit your specific project
  • Sika is the world technology leader in this application field

Where Can I Use Sika Floor Paint?

  • Dedicated Clean Room Environments
  • High End Decorative Floors
  • Decorative Industrial Floors
  • High Quality Car Park Floors
  • Robust Industrial Floors