Mapei Thin Coat Render

About Mapei Thin Coat Render
As part of the extensive range of building products produced by Mapei such as Mapei thin coat render and Exterior Wall Insulation (EWI). A proven rapidly growing sector. EWI was developed as a system of insulating exterior walls on poorly performing buildings, mainly non-cavity solid walls. Mapei provide not only the insulation and fixings but produce a range of renders and through coloured renders as well as paints such as Mapei Silancolor paint a silicone resin based coating or Mapei Elastocolor both can be easily applied over the insulation to provide a weather resistant decorative finish.
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  1. Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus, 20 Kg
    Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus, 20 Kg

    An internal and external masonry paint available in various grain sizes for use where mould or fungi growth can be an issue.

    From £84.43 £70.36
  2. Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus
    Mapei Elastocolor Tonachino Plus

    A flexible, water repellent, mould & algae resistant elastomeric plaster for the hygienic protection of walls, in internal and external applications.

    From £122.92 £102.43
  3. Mapei Colorite Beton
    Mapei Colorite Beton

    A semi-transparent clear or tinted anti-carbonation stain.

    From £165.44 £137.87
  4. Mapei Silancolor Base Coat
    Mapei Silancolor Base Coat

    A filling and evening layer for covering small imperfections in cementitious surfaces before applying a finish coat from the Mapei Silancolor range.

    From £76.75 £63.96
  5. Mapei Mapetherm AR1 GG
    Mapei Mapetherm AR1 GG

    Formulated for bonding all types of thermal-insulating panels directly on to render, masonry and concrete on walls and ceilings.

    From £19.84 £16.53

7 Items

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