Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus, 20 Kg

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An internal and external masonry paint available in various grain sizes for use where mould or fungi growth can be an issue.
Available in 20 Kg. Tintable to a wide range of colours on request.
£67.98 (£81.58 Inc VAT)
£67.98 (£81.58 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus is a silicon resin-based coating product in paste form with good filling capacity for a rustic finish, available in various grain sizes for internal and external use where mould or fungi growth can be an issue.

Best Uses

Mapei Silancolor Tonachino Plus is recommended for finishing off internal and external walls where particular environmental conditions favour the growth of algae, mould and fungi, and to give an attractive finish, excellent water-repellence and good transpiration to the substrate.

  • Decorating façades deteriorated by algae and mould, including façades with old paintwork (check suitability beforehand)
  • Decorating north-facing façades
  • Decorating all types of cementitious and lime-based render
  • Decorating Mape-Antique and PoroMap-based renders and de-humidifying renders in general
  • Finishing coatings for cladding systems such as Mapetherm

Silancolor Tonachino Plus is particularly resistant to the growth of algae, mould and fungi. It may be used for decorating buildings located in areas where the
particularly damp climate favours the growth of such micro-organisms. A typical example is the painting of north-facing façades which are particularly sensitive
to the growth of algae due to the walls of the building being colder and damper. Apart from the actions described above, Silancolor Tonachino Plus is a silicon resin-based coating material available in various grain sizes which combines the advantages of mineral coating materials (high transpiration) with those of synthetic coating materials (even colour, good bond to old paintwork in good condition and availability in a wide range of colours).


New surfaces requiring treatment or areas patched up with repair mortar must be well-cured, perfectly clean, cohesive and dry. Remove all traces of oil and grease from the surface and any parts which are not well attached. Remove all traces of algae, mould and fungi, if present. They must be removed while the surface is still damp after a thorough cleaning with Mapei Silancolor Cleaner Plus. Apply Mapei Silancolor Cleaner Plus over the entire surface of the substrate with a low-pressure manual sprayer or by brush, making sure it penetrates deep down into the substrate. After applying the product, leave it to react for a few minutes and then remove the algae, mould and fungi with a stiff brush.

Apply Mapei Silancolor Cleaner Plus several times to help it penetrate into the substrate. Seal all cracks and repair areas which are deteriorated. Seal porosity and even out the surface of the substrate with a mortar and skimming compound from the MAPEI Building products range.

Apply Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus on dry, cured substrate and leave it to dry for approximately 12-24 hours, before applying Silancolor Tonachino Plus. To make it
easier to apply Silancolor Tonachino Plus and to improve its covering properties, the coat of Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus may be diluted with 30-50% of Silancolor Paint Plus in the same colour chosen for Silancolor Tonachino Plus. Old paintwork must be well-bonded to the substrate and clean. If the paintwork is particularly old and/or porous, treat the surface with Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus.

Silancolor Tonachino Plus is supplied ready to use and just needs to be well mixed with a low-speed drill. If necessary, may be diluted with 1-2% of water if the product is too thick.

Apply Silancolor Tonachino Plus with a stainless or plastic trowel on the dry Mapei Silancolor Primer Plus. It can be also applied by spray with suitable tools. The protection cycle also includes the application of a coat of Silancolor Tonachino Plus. If a more even surface finish is required, apply a layer of skimming compound and then a second layer after 24 hours. Make sure that both layers are spread on evenly and finished off with either a plastic float to create an even finish, or a damp sponge float according to the finish required. A number of effects may be obtained using Silancolor Tonachino Plus (such as mottled, brushed, bass-relief, etc.) as illustrated in the “MAPEI Colours in Design” pamphlet.

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