PPG Flooring Coatings

The benefits of the PPG SIGMACOVER range result in easy-to-apply, cost-effective solutions within a wide range of sectors across the protective coatings industry. A number of more specialized characteristics are also available within the SIGMACOVER range to suit specific requirements such as,

  • Unlimited recoatability.
  • Cold-cure characteristics.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Fast curing.
  • Resistance to chemical splash and spillage.

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  1. PPG SigmaCover 2 / Amerlock 2  Low Temperature
    PPG SigmaCover 2 / Amerlock 2 Low Temperature

    A 2 pack, fast drying, high solids, low temperatures epoxy coating for concrete and steel. LUL Cert 1329.

    From £82.97 £69.14
  2. PPG SigmaCover 400 / Amerlock 400
    PPG SigmaCover 400 / Amerlock 400

    A self-priming coating for steel and concrete. Formerly PPG SigmaCover 640 / Amerlock 400C.

    From £72.00 £60.00
  3. PPG Nu-Klad SL
    PPG Nu-Klad SL

    A 3 component, solvent free, self leveling epoxy floor coating suitable for industrial areas with heavy traffic on to concrete.

    From £578.86 £482.38
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