PPG SigmaTherm

Some of the most challenging coating situations that exist in industries today concern heat resistance. There is a continuous demand for coatings that can maintain their function despite exposure to the exceptionally high operational temperatures in the Power, Offshore and Petrochemical processing industries.
 The PPG SIGMATHERM range, part of the SIGMA COATINGS brand, offers high-quality, high-performance, heat-resistant coatings developed specifically to meet these challenges, able to cope with extremes of temperature and deliver a dependable long-term performance for both new construction and maintenance.

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  1. PPG Hi Temp 1027
    PPG Hi Temp 1027

    Formulated to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI) of carbon steel and stainless steel.

    From £367.32 £306.10
  2. PPG SigmaTherm 230 Phenolic Epoxy
    PPG SigmaTherm 230 Phenolic Epoxy

    A two component high build heat resistant phenolic epoxy coating designed for use under insulation systems to provide heat protection of up to 230°...

    From £594.34 £495.28
  3. PPG SigmaTherm 540 Moisture Cure Silicone
    PPG SigmaTherm 540 Moisture Cure Silicone

    Formally Amercoat 878 a one component heat resistant moisture curing silicone aluminium.

    From £149.04 £124.20
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