External Gutter & Roof Cleaning

Promain are distributors for the SkyVac range of cleaning machines. The Skyvac Atom is the most compact SkyVac in the gutter cleaning family but still offers unrivalled performance.  The Atom is extremely lightweight and super easy to transport will clean gutters reaching 34 feet, a typical 4 story building. Ideal for the proud home-owner it is suitable for pond dredging, Leaf blowing, Wet & Dry Vacuuming or as an add on to an existing window cleaning business. 

Unlike other gutter cleaning machines on the market, our industrial model is not an ‘off the shelf’ vacuum. The powerful system has 50% more suction lift power than its nearest rival and a bespoke side glide entry, making it the World’s Most Powerful Mains Powered Gutter Cleaning Machine.

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