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Promain now offer a robust range of high-level internal vacuum machines from SkyVac. All the vacuum machines have been specially designed to clean previously inaccessible areas internally. Our SkyVac Internal vacuum systems offer a unique airflow rate for rapid dust extraction. These high powered, easy to maintain vacuums have been developed for cleaning a range of environments such as offices, universities and hospitals as well as airports or shopping centres.

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The Internal SkyVac 27 is available as a 240v high-level internal vacuum system it is powered by a heavy duty 1500 watt motor developing 3800 litres of air flow per minute. The SkyVac 27 now comes with the World’s 1st Telescopic Vacuum Pole. The all-in-one pole, is made from featherweight carbon fibre.

The Skyvac 27 is now available with the world’s first internal Telescopic High-Level Cleaning poles that can reach up to 30ft high. The all-in-one pole is produced from featherweight and durable carbon fibre.

The new SkyVac BacVac is a cordless battery powered internal vacuum that is extremely lightweight and versatile. This ‘Go Anywhere’ internal high reach vacuuming system comes with a highly effective filtration system, an 8 litre tank capacity and a comfort fit harness. The BacVac will enables you to move freely to gain access where upright vacuums are unable to go. 

The preferred choice for Gatwick and Newcastle Airport is the SkyVac Internal 78 (wet and dry). This single-phase explosion proof vacuum develops a staggering 7166 litres of air flow per minute. This is produced from the 2 motors that combined generate 2600 watts of power but still only emits 72 dB of noise.

For Class M combustible dusts there is the SkyVac Atex A37. Again a Single-phase explosion proof vacuum brushless induction motor. The poles are 100% carbon fibre and are100% free of metal parts. Skyvac now offer the A37 G floor kit system that is compatible with all ATEX vacuums.

SkyVac have now developed the only independently certified ATEX high level cleaning system compatible with all ATEX vacuums, fully certified by Element No formal IPAF certification is required when using this Atex vacuuming machine.