Mapei Elastocolor Net, 1m x 50m

Non Hazardous
An alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh for reinforcing Mapei's fine-graded skimming pastes.
Available in 50 x 1 m rolls
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Product Description

Mapei Elastocolor Net is an alkali-resistant glass fibre mesh for reinforcing Mapei's fine-graded skimming pastes.

Best Uses

Mapei Elastocolor Net is part of the Mapei Elastocolor system for masonry restoration and the protection and redecoration of renders constructed from lime, cement or cementitious bases.

The mesh is made from glass fibres treated with alkali resistant coat. Elastocolor Net forms an armoured layer that prevents micro-cracks in the underlying substrate from spreading. It also makes it easier to apply an even layer of Elastocolor Rasante, Elastocolor Rasante SF or Mapetherm Flex RP 0.5 mm and improves the substrate’s resistance to stresses caused by temperature variations and small movements in general.


Elastocolor Net must be completely embedded in the skim coat as follows:

  • Apply a layer of skimming compound with a notched trowel according to the thickness permitted by the trowel;
  • While the skim coat is still wet, lay the Elastocolor Net on the surface and press it gently with the trowel so that it is embedded in the skim coat;
  • After waiting for the skim coat to dry (usually around 12 to 24 hours, depending on the type of product used, the thickness of the skim coat and the surrounding temperature and level of humidity), apply a second layer of skimming compound according to the instructions in the relative Technical Data Sheet.
  • Particularly when using Elastocolor Rasante, we recommend applying the second layer by spray to get better cover of the mesh.
Technical Details
  • Composition: 100% glass fibre
  • Mesh size: 2.7 x 2.7mm
  • Weight of primed mesh: approx. 61g per m²
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Available in White
  • Available in 50 x 1 m rolls