Mapei Mapefloor System 33

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A Self-levelling, solvent-free epoxy flooring system applied at a thickness of 2-4 mm
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£329.68 (£395.62 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Mapefloor System 33 is a self-levelling, solvent-free epoxy flooring system applied at a thickness: 2-4 mm, for floors with a vapour barrier, for shopping centres, septic rooms and the food industry.

Best Uses

Mapefloor System 33 has passed BS 8204-6: Type 7 floor classification.

This low odour floor paint is recommended as a floor covering system in the foodstuffs, brewery, showroom,chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Mapefloor 33 offers good resistance to the stresses caused by the passage of forklift trucks and rubber-wheeled vehicles.


Prepare the substrate by shot blasting or grinding, to guarantee the best performance of the MAPEFLOOR SYSTEM 33 epoxy system. Any defects present, such as holes, pitting, cracking, etc. must be repaired beforehand using either EPORIP, PRIMER SN or MAPEFLOOR I 300 SL, according to the width and depth of the defects and cracks. Where required, consolidation operations must be carried out using PRIMER MF or PRIMER EP. If there are either large hollows or highly deteriorated areas present, they must be repaired using MAPEFLOOR EP 19, or with one of the products from the MAPEGROUT range (e.g. MAPEGROUT SV).

Spread PRIMER SN mixed with 4 kg of QUARTZ 0.5 on the substrate. Pour the product as mixed on the floor to be dressed, and spread it out evenly using either a finishing trowel or a smooth rake. While the product is still fresh, spread QUARTZ 0.5 on the surface. If the surface is still porous after the first coat of primer, apply a further smoothing layer of PRIMER SN, and a light sprinkling of QUARTZ 0.5.

Once the PRIMER SN has hardened, remove excess sand with a vacuum cleaner. Finish off using MAPEFLOOR I 300 SL, specially prepared by adding MAPECOLOR PASTE and a maximum of 8 kg of QUARTZ 0.25. Spread the product as mixed evenly on the previous layer using either a finishing trowel or a "V" notched serrated rake. While the product is still fresh, immediately pass over the surface with a spike roller, to help completely eliminate any air entrapped in the product. If an opaque, slightly non-slip finish is required, the surface may be painted over within 24 hours using MAPEFLOOR FINISH 51 two-component, aliphatic polyurethane compound at a rate of 0.1 kg/m2. It is also possible to increase the non-slip effect by adding 5-10% of MAPEFLOOR FILLER to the MAPEFLOOR FINISH 51. For civil applications, we recommend treating the floor with either metallic MAPELUX LUCIDA or MAPELUX OPACA wax.

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