Mapei Planipatch

Non Hazardous
A smooth, ultra fast setting thixotropic finishing mortar for horizontal or vertical surfaces. London Underground APR No. 531.
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Product Description

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Mapei Planipatch is a smooth, ultra fast setting thixotropic finishing mortar for horizontal or vertical surfaces (thickness 0 to 10 mm). Approved for London Underground APR No. 531.

Best Uses

Mapei Planipatch is ideal for the repairing, levelling and smoothing up to a feather edge of interior floors, walls, steps and corners where quick hardening and drying, together with a particularly smooth final surface, is required.

Planipatch is a grey-coloured powder, made up of special cement binders, selected graded aggregates and synthetic admixtures blended together according to a formula developed in MAPEI’s own research laboratories. When Planipatch is mixed with water, it becomes a thixotropic paste which may be easily applied, has high bonding strength with the substrate and dries so quickly that successive painting or the laying of flooring or ceramic coverings may be carried out after only 4 to 6 hours of it being applied.

Planipatch hardens without shrinking and without forming cracks, and reaches high compressive and flexural strength and a high level of resistance to impact and abrasion. The final finish of surfaces in Planipatch is extremely smooth and fine, which makes it particularly suitable for the laying of all types of soft flooring and coverings. Planipatch may also be used for smoothing up to a feather edge.

Some application examples

  • Smoothing concrete slabs, Mapcem, Mapecem Pronto, Topcem, Topcem Pronto and anhydrite-based screeds, heated floors, magnesium and cast asphalt.
  • Smoothing terrazzo, ceramic and natural stone.
  • Smoothing concrete walls and cement renders.
  • Repairing or levelling steps, landings and the edges of columns.

By adding Latex Plus to Planipatch, excellent bonding strength to metal surfaces, old rubber floors, PVC, chipboard, parquet, linoleum and similar materials is achieved.


The substrate must be solid, dry, free of dust, loose or flaky material, paint, wax, oil, rust and traces of plaster. Cement-based surfaces which are not solid enough must either be removed or, where possible, consolidated with Prosfas, Primer MF, Eco Prim PU 1K, etc. Immediately after applying one of the aforementioned treatments, sprinkle dry crushed sand or Quartz 1.2 on the surface. Repair cracks in the substrate with Eporip or Eporip Turbo.

Dusty or highly-porous concrete surfaces must be treated by applying a coat of diluted Primer G (1 kg of Primer G diluted with 1 to 3 kg of water) or Livigum (1 kg
of Livigum diluted with 5 kg of water) in order to fix the dust and provide uniform absorbency in the substrate. Level anhydrite screeds with Planipatch after treating the surface with a coat of suitable primer (such as Primer G or Eco Prim T diluted 1:1 with water).

Prime existing ceramic and natural stone substrates with a coat of Eco Prim T after mechanically abrading and cleaning the surface with a suitable detergent. Leave the primer to dry for 2-5 hours, according to the surrounding temperature and level of humidity, and then spread on a layer of levelling mortar. Never wait more than 24 hours.

Pour the contents of one 25 kg bag of Planipatch into 5.5 litres of clean water while stirring, and continue stirring with a low speed mixer until a smooth, homogenous,
lump-free paste is obtained. The quantity of Planipatch mixed in each batch must be used within 10 minutes (at a temperature of +23°C).

Apply the mix with a long, metal trowel. If necessary, several coats may be applied one after the other (wait approximately 40 to 50 minutes between each coat,
according to the temperature). Surfaces smoothed off with Planipatch are ready for successive applications after only 4 to 6 hours of it being laid.

Technical Details


  • Approved for London Underground APR No. 531 - Complies with LU Standard 1-085 'Fire Safety Performance of Materials'. After 4-6 hours Planipatch is ready to be painted or to receive wall tiles or floor surfacing.

Technical Info

Components: Single Pack
Type: Thixotropic
Finish: Smooth
Stock Colours: Grey
Tintable: No
VOC Content: Low Level
Dry Solids Content: 100%
Suitable Substrates: For internal floors and walls, Concrete, Terrazzo, Ceramic, Natural Stone
Application Method: Trowel
Theoretical Coverage: 1.5 kg/m² per mm of thickness
Mixing Ratio: 22 parts water per 100 parts Planipatch
Thickness Applied: From 0 to 10mm
Induction Time: -
Pot Life: 10 minutes at 23°C
Setting Time: Approx 25 minutes at 23°C
Light Foot Traffic: 2 hours at 23°C
Wait Time Before Laying:

4-6 hours at 23°C for ceramic tiles and natural stone

12 hours for resilient coverings

Cleaner / Thinner: Clean tools with water immedistaly after use
Shelf Life: 12 months from date of production unopened
Packaging: Available in 10 Kg bags