Mapei Planitop 100

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Fast setting light – coloured fine mortar for repairs and finishing of concrete and renders.
Available in 25 Kg in Light Grey
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Product Description

Mapei Planitop 100 is a single component fast-setting fine mortar for repairing and finishing porous or chipped cement based surfaces.

Mapei Planitop 100 has been formulated with special cement binders, selected fine grain aggregates, additives and polymers to provide excellent adhesion to all cement based surfaces due to its high synthetic resin content. Planitop 100 forms a compact and mechanically strong layer after hardening and is ideal for small repairs, evening out surface imperfections or for finishing cement facings repaired with Mapegrout products.

Best Uses

Mapei Planitop 100 is a light grey powder mixed with water or water and sand and is ideal for small repairs to prefabricated concrete panels, steps, beams and pillars or for rapid finishing of cement renders, lime and cement mortar and concrete facings. Planitop 100 is compatible with other Mapei products from the Mapegrout and Elastocolor ranges.


For small repairs, mix Planitop 100 with water until a homogeneous lump free mix is formed which can easily be applied vertically up to 3mm thick per coat. For repairs from 3mm to 30mm thick mix Planitop 100 with water and sand to form a thixotropic homogeneous mix. Apply to clean and stable substrates using a flat trowel and finish with a float sponge if required.

After mixing, Mapei Planitop 100 is workable for 20-30 minutes. It is therefore recommended to prepare only as much Planitop 100 as can be used during that time.

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