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As with any boat, salt water will soon attack any unprotected steel. The most effective way of dealing with rust is to remove it completely either by sand blasting or by mechanical wire brush.

Many people prefer to use a rust converter such as Coo-Var V607/10 Rust Converter this is a water-based converter and primer that converts rust into a stable surface for painting. Coo Var Rust Converter has been proven in the North Sea Oil Fields since 1984. For use in industrial, marine and domestic painting applications. Coo-Var Rust Converter can be used even in damp conditions.

If you are looking to apply a Corrosive Inhibiting Primer that penetrates metal and stops rust, we would offer the Owatrol CIP Primer. Owatrol Oil for treating rusted surfaces, prevents rust forming and stops corrosion. Owatrol Oil is also used as a paint additive to make paint rust inhibitive and increase coverage.

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  1. Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP
    Owatrol Polytrol Restores Faded Plastic - GRP

    Best used for revitalising the colour and appearance of tarnished and dulled plastics and fibreglass.

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