Centrecoat Thermoplastic Short Tennis Court  Line Set

Centrecoat Thermoplastic Short Tennis Court Line Set

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10.0M x 5.0M Short Tennis Line Set for School Playground
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Product Description

Promain In Partnership With Check A Trade

School Playground Picture Graphics, Logo's and Lines for Children's Games

Promain UK Ltd has a fantastic range of Thermoplastic products designed for imprinting a colourful logo or design to School Play Grounds on a variety of different surfaces. Thermoplastic is a simple design that produce quality results that children will love in schools and nurseries. This particular design is for Tennis playing purposes and offers shorters lines and a simpler layout for kids to enjoy.

Best Uses

The Thermoplastic Short Tennis Court Set from Centrecoat is best used in schools and nurseries externally, to offer children a fun way to play on their breaks or before and after school. The design is based on a full sized tennis court without the serve boxes and doubles lines and allows kids to enjoy tennis from an early age without worrying about parts of the court that may prove difficult to explain to some youngsters.


Thermoplastic is applied using a heat source that moulds the product to the surface leaving you with a decorative imprint for kids to enjoy. Blow torch is the preferred method of application that offers quick drying time so the product can be played on within minutes of application.

Surface and Environment

The Thermoplastic Short Tennis Court Set can be applied to a variety of different substrates but is recommended for use on Concrete or Tarmac in playgrounds. The finishing result works well to protect against abrasion and weather in external environments.

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