Sika Armorex L2 High Flow Cementitious Grout

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A one part, high flow, rapid, high strength cementitious grout.
Available in 25kg as a grey powder
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Product Description

Sika Armorex L2 High Flow is a one part, high flow, rapid, high strength cementitious grout.

Best Uses

Sika Armorex L2 High Flow is ideal for precision, high performance grouting underneath machine bases, structural steelwork, etc. Sika L2 High Flow is also suitable for grouting precast concrete units and anchor bars, repairing concrete structures, and filling voids. Suitable for grouting thicknesses between 10 -100mm.


  • High strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • High flowability retention
  • Durable
  • Non metallic
  • Impressive track record
  • Quality assured factory blend
  • Chloride free
  • >40 N/mm2 in 24 hours


Concrete, mortar, stone Preparation:
Surfaces must be sound, clean, free from ice, oils, grease, standing water and any loose or friable particles and any other surface contaminants. The concrete “pull off” (tensile) strength should be > 1.0 MPa.
Steel, iron Preparation:
Clean, free from oil or grease, rust and scale etc.
Shutter/Formwork Preparation:
All formwork should be of adequate strength, treated with release agent and sealed to prevent leakage. Sealing can be achieved by using Sikaflex® -11FC+ sealant
beneath or around formwork and between joints. Ensure formwork includes outlets for extraction of the pre-soaking water. A header box/hopper should be constructed on one side of the formwork so that a grout head of 150-200 mm can be maintained during the grouting operation.

The substrate should be prepared by suitable mechanical preparation techniques such as high pressure water jetting, breakers, blastcleaning, scabblers, etc. The concrete substrates should be pre-soaked with clean water continuously for 2 - 6 hours to ensure a saturated surface dry condition throughout the operation.
Immediately before pouring grout, remove all excess or standing water from within any formwork, cavities or pockets.


Measure the appropriate amount of water to achieve the desired grout consistency given in the table below. Heat water if necessary to achieve a temperature
between 15-20°C. Mix for 3 minutes minimum. Place the water into a forced action grout mixer or in a clean drum. Slowly add complete bag of Sika® Armorex® L2 High Flow into the water and continuously mix for 3 minutes in mixer to achieve a uniform and lump free consistency. Alternatively use a slow speed drill (200-500 rpm) and helical mixer. Dependent on the desired consistency and flow properties, the mixing ratio can be adjusted.

Immediately after mixing, pour the mixed grout into the header box/hopper ensuring continuous grout flow during the complete grouting operation to avoid trapping air.
Use steel banding or chains to assist flow where necessary. For large volume placement, grout pumps are recommended.

Water addition rate per 25 kg bag
Pourable consistency 3.75 Litres
Flowable consistency 4.25 Litres
Fluid consistency 4.75 Litres

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