Teknos Platin 4545 Interior Water Based Wood Lacquer

SKU id19234 Non Hazardous
Formulated to protect internal wooden floors and surfaces against scratches, liquids heat and chemicals.
Available in 5 and 10 Litres in Clear
£80.95 (£97.14 Inc VAT)
£80.95 (£97.14 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Teknos Platin 4545 is one of the most durable water-based lacquers on the market for interior wooden flooring. It provides a beautiful finish to parquet and other timber floors and is also suitable for kitchen worktops and wooden bathroom surfaces.

Best Uses

Teknos Platin 4545 protects internal wooden floors and surfaces, letting the character of the timber shine through and keeping it beautiful for years. PLATIN 4545 is a waterborne lacquer for wooden flooring suitable for all timber and cork floors. It is also suitable for kitchen worktops, wooden bathroom surfaces and other surfaces that might experience prolonged exposure to liquid.

Teknos Platin 4545 can be sprayed on to all timber and cork floors and is available in matt, semi-gloss and gloss. Suitable for soft, hard and exotic wood species.

Teknos Platin 4545 has been awarded a Severe rating for surface finishes, by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA). This means that Platin 4545 meets the highest standards for prolonged liquid damage and overall durability, which include: mechanical damage such as scratches, scrapes and impact; resistance to wet and dry heat; and chemical resistance to liquids such as tea, coffee, oils, acids and bleaches.

Not only is Teknos Platin 4545 one of the most hard-wearing water-based lacquers in the GBI wooden floor market, it also has sustainability at its core, being a water borne paint, making it extremely safe to use (with appropriate protective clothing).


Along with the water borne base, the technical make up for this lacquer is polyurethane resins. It is a two-component product with the lacquer being mixed at a ratio of 10:1 with a hardener. Coverage is 120g/m2 to 8m2/kg and the product will remain viable, unopened, for 6 months. Platin 4545 can be applied by spray, brush or roller. It has a drying-time of just two hours (at 20°C) and is sandable after four hours, making factory production extremely efficient.

Clean every substrate well, dry it and ensure it is free from grease and oil. Sand wooden floor thoroughly with a belt sander or sandpaper and remove dust. For a renovation, all wax and varnish residues from previous treatments must be fully removed. We always recommend an all-over finishing seal with wood dust binder, especially if the room atmosphere is dry or the parquet flooring is installed on top of underfloor heating. We recommend 2-3 coats of Platin 4545 to provide maximum durability. The product will be dust and touch dry after 2 hours and sandable and recoatable after 4 hours, fully cured in 7 days.