*3M Poly-Tech RG 600

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This product is now discontinued.

Product Description

This product has been discontinued. Please contact us for an alternative.

3M Poly-Tech RG 600 is single component, water based, acrylic, solar reflective paint, that combines a fast drying time with excellent reflective qualities to offer you a coating that not only reflects UV light but protects building internals from heat build up caused by sunlight.

Best Uses

3M Poly-Tech RG 600 is best used as part of a roofing protection system, that provides protection and decoration to ensure a safe internal environment and a surface that will not be damaged by UV light.


3M Poly-Tech RG 600 can be applied using brush or roller to produce a white finish that is touch dry after just 30 minutes. It is not until after 2 hours the surface is water resistant, so you should ensure a dry environment for application and check the forecast will stay that way for at least 2 hours.

Surface and Environment

3M Poly-Tech RG 600 can be applied to most surfaces over an appropriate primer and is highly suited to sound surfaces found on roofs, tanks, ducts and pipework found in an external environment. 3M Poly-Tech RG 600 is extremely waterproof and weather resistant and provides a minimum of 10 years protection.