KEIM Restauro Grund

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A natural stone replacement material for lining deep areas of damage (> 2 cm) and a core material for open form casting.
Available in 30 Kg
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Product Description

KEIM Restauro-Grund is a natural stone replacement material for lining deep areas of damage (> 2 cm) and a core material for open form casting.

Best Uses

Keim Restauro Grund is an ideal material for repairing stone façades with deep areas of damage greater than 10mm.


Hacking out: Defective natural stone which is to be repaired with KEIM Restauro® should be hacked back to a sound base using an indented chisel or similar tools. Especially on flat areas of natural stone, a box-shaped recess should be formed when hacking back to provide a good key for the restoration mortar.

Reinforcement: Supporting reinforcement may be required for protruding natural stone features and Restauro reinforcement materials should be used for this purpose.

Cleaning: Any stone dust must be carefully removed from the areas to be repaired with compressed air or with clean water and a brush.

Pre-Wetting: The restoration mortar must only be applied onto a moist substrate. Adequate pre-wetting is thus absolutely essential. Remove any excess water with a sponge.

KEIM Restauro-Grund is mixed with water only, approx. 4.0 l per 30 kg. Use a mixer or compulsory mixer for larger quantities. After a maturing period of 5 minutes, the mortar should be of a consistency suitable for application by throwing. The matured mortar is thrown into the hacked back and pre-wetted damaged area, only filling the cavity up to approx. 2 cm beneath the original stone surface. Total layer thickness must not exceed 5 cm per application. Protect freshly applied mortar from sun, wind and rain. Once the base mortar has set, roughen the surface and allow at least 1 day to elapse before further finishing operations.

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